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About the Mag

We're happy to unveil our first issue, a pilot project representing the culmination of dreams and aspirations.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Beez Generation Magazine! We're thrilled to introduce you to our newest endeavor, an extension of our passion for marketing, digital transformation, and fostering connections. As a dynamic marketing agency, Beez Generation has been dedicated to helping businesses thrive. Now, with our magazine, we're excited to amplify that mission and create a platform that celebrates the unique talents, stories, and businesses that define our Brazilian community in San Francisco and beyond.

Beez Generation was conceived from a deep desire to make a difference in business. Witnessing the challenges many small business owners faced in embracing the digital landscape and grasping effective marketing and sales strategies, we recognized an opportunity to share our wealth of knowledge and experiences. Our journey began with the intention of guiding these business owners onto the right path, offering them insights, support, and the tools they need to succeed.

We draw inspiration from the remarkable world of bees – these tiny creatures are fundamental to pollinating the food we consume every day. As bees are essential to nature's balance, we view our role as crucial to helping businesses flourish digitally. Our generation straddles the line between the pre-internet era and the digital age, adapting seamlessly to the rapid changes that have shaped the modern world. With expertise honed through experience, we're here to guide you through this transformative journey, and we couldn't think of a better name than Beez Generation, with the Z bringing the sound of business.

At Beez Generation Magazine, we aim to connect, empower, and uplift fellow small business owners and individual talents within the Brazilian community.

Through our pages, we are committed to informing the Brazilian community in San Francisco and abroad with engaging content, business insights, and success stories, ultimately fostering entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting chapter. Beez Generation Magazine is more than just a publication; it's a celebration of progress, community, and the unlimited potential within the Brazilian community.

This inaugural edition is dedicated to our close friends – individuals whose talents, stories, and businesses have shaped our journey and inspired us every step of the way. In celebrating them, we focus on showcasing their incredible achievements and illustrate the power of collaboration, friendship, and shared aspirations.

Warmest Regards,

Bruna Santiago & Gabriela Wiggers

Co-Founders, Beez Generation


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