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Isadora Fernandes: Charting Her American Odyssey

Let's dive into the incredible journey of Isadora Fernandes, or as her close-knit circle lovingly calls

her, Isa. Born on October 10, 1991, this Brazilian dynamo has taken the U.S. by storm, and she hasn't looked back since her arrival in 2013

Picture this: a fresh-faced graduate in dentistry, brimming with curiosity and wanderlust, sets her sights on the land of opportunity. Isa's initial plan? A one-year hiatus as an au pair, a chance to explore life beyond the Brazilian horizon before heading back to her dental dreams. But, as the saying goes, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

What was meant to be a mere pit stop on Isa's life map evolved into a decade-long adventure. Her au pair escapade took her from the skyscrapers of New York City to the serene beauty of Northern California, landing her in cities like San Rafael, Redwood City, San Mateo, Burlingame, and finally, the City by the Bay itself, San Francisco.

The end of her two-year au pair gig brought Isa to a crossroads. Instead of packing her bags for Brazil, she chose to stick around. Armed with grit and determination, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Business, adapting to a new language and a different education system with unwavering resolve. She first bagged an associate's degree from the College of San Mateo, followed by a bachelor's from San Francisco State University.

Isa's academic pursuits were just the beginning. A corporate stint as a Customer Service Specialist at Wix opened her eyes to a world of possibilities. Yet, the real game-changer in her life came in the form of someone special. They met through a dating app, and this encounter became a cornerstone in Isa's American odyssey. Donny became her partner in crime, her confidant, and her rock.

Recently, Isa decided to revisit her dental roots, taking on a role as a dental assistant in a pediatric office. Her goal? To become a bona fide Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in the U.S. It's a challenging path that involves acing the national dental board exam and applying to dental schools. Still, Isa's not one to shy away from a challenge.

Isa's career path has been a colorful mosaic, including roles as a nanny and even a tech company employee. While her journey has featured its share of twists and turns, her determination to make dentistry her true calling remains unwavering. Her current gig as a dental assistant? It's a stepping stone to her grand plan. She is confident in her advice: "Focus on all the experience you gain and the learning opportunities an entry-level job can offer."

But there's more to Isa than just her career. She's a creative soul who finds solace in arts and crafts, dabbling in drawing and painting. Her handmade cards and bookmarks are cherished tokens of affection she shares with friends.

Isa embarked on a new chapter a year and a half ago—marriage. This monumental step reshaped her view of life, highlighting the beauty of building a future with a partner who's both a teammate and a best friend.

Living far from family in Brazil can be challenging. It's a journey filled with unique experiences, cultural adaptation, and occasional homesickness. Yet, within her group of friends, Isa has found her second family—a tight-knit group offering support and camaraderie.

Isadora Fernandes' story shows us how to bounce back from challenges, adjust to new situations, and follow our dreams. She's on a journey to become a DDS and create a life in the U.S., and her adventure is like a colorful painting, full of surprises and unexpected turns. Let's raise a toast to Isa, the brave explorer who isn't afraid to enjoy every moment of her American journey!


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