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Lilian Smith: Navigating a Thriving Career Path

Lilian Smith's life journey is a remarkable testament to determination, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of professional excellence. Born on April 12, 1988, in São Paulo, Brazil, she embarked on a transformative path from South America to the United States, where she has carved out a flourishing career as a Wealth Management Associate at Merrill Lynch. Lilian's story is marked by unwavering resolve, tireless effort, and a commitment to assisting others in achieving their financial aspirations.

Her journey commenced with a year-long sojourn in Ireland, where she set out to master the English language. This initial decision held the key to countless opportunities. Lilian shared, "I went to Ireland to learn English because my English was insufficient to participate in an exchange program in the USA." This early choice mirrors her commitment to personal growth and perpetual learning.
In 2012, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to work as an Au Pair. This experience provided her with an understanding of American culture and helped refine her language skills. As she recollected, "I moved to the Bay Area in July 2012 to work as an Au Pair, and that's when my journey in the United States truly commenced."

Lilian's determination and her robust support network proved to be invaluable. "I knew I wanted to be here long term and started to look for options to stay in the USA," she explained. Pursuing her dream, she returned to college and became an international student for 2.5 years.

"I got to see many places, travel, made this place my home and built my own family," Lilian shared. Her story underscores the potency of determination and resilience in pursuing one's dreams.

After years of dedicated hard work, Lilian found herself in a career she is fervently passionate about. She currently serves as a Wealth Management Associate at Merrill Lynch, an accomplishment that attests to her commitment and pursuit of excellence.

Lilian's professional journey, characterized by diverse experiences, encompasses working for her family's business in Brazil, a role in an investment bank, and even working as an Au Pair to further her language skills. In 2018, she recommenced her career in banking upon her return to the USA. At California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), she pursued a degree in Business Finance, achieving academic excellence.

One salient lesson from Lilian's journey is the significance of professional licenses, as she elucidated, "Licenses are very important in the USA and signify a great deal of credibility." Her accomplishments, including passing the Finance licenses (series 7 and 66), underscore her dedication to professional growth.

Lilian's life journey also highlights the importance of celebrating accomplishments, no matter how modest they may seem. She is also a living testament to the significance of personal growth, both in her relationship with her husband and in her professional development.

Her story serves as a reminder that challenges are an integral part of growth and success. Lilian not only looks back at her accomplishments but also forward to her future goals, including purchasing a house and pursuing insurance and CFP certifications.

In Lilian's own words, "There are many things I would like to work on to improve and be a better person. We need to celebrate small achievements. I have grown in my career to pursue what will make me a better professional."

As she welcomes a new phase of her life as a mother to a little girl named Isabella, Lilian's journey continues to inspire those who encounter her story. With a remarkable career, a passion for helping others, and a vision for growth, she embodies the resilience, determination, and empowerment qualities that have propelled her to success.

Lilian Smith's story epitomizes the pursuit of dreams, hard work, and the power of personal and professional growth in the financial sector.

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