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Meet Luana Borges: Empowering Women to Embrace Their Sexuality

In 2010, Luana Borges, a girl from the state of Goiás in Brazil, arrived in the captivating Bay Area, embarking on a journey that would reshape her career and life. With a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing, Luana's early path seemed destined for the conventional. Yet, she soon charted a different course, leading to her certification in Women's Health and Human Sexuality from CCSF and her pursuit of Somatic Sexologist Certification from the renowned Somatica Institute.

Luana's career is centered on a mission of unwavering commitment: to empower the Brazilian community in the Bay Area, providing steadfast support for the women who call it home. Living abroad can be challenging, particularly in building deep connections, but the Brazilian expatriate knows the significance of turning friends into family and the invaluable support it provides.

Luana's professional journey forms a dynamic canvas of experiences, ceaseless learning, and personal growth. She has positioned herself in her corner of the Bay Area to be the support network every woman deserves, nurturing a community where each woman can thrive.

Luana's shift towards her career as a coach signifies a departure from the pursuit of financial gain alone. Her transformation stems from a deep realization that genuine happiness lies in pursuing one's passions. Now, she is embarking on a career as a coach, with a focus on dismantling taboos surrounding women's sexuality and empowerment. This transition has not only empowered Luana but enriched her through shared experiences.

As Luana emphasizes, "My mission is to empower women, liberate them from taboos that prevent self-discovery. All of this, taking into account the power of choice, respect, and seriousness. Listening to these women is enriching, and being able to share experiences while promoting a safe and non-judgmental space allows the creation of a valuable and solid support network."

Luana is a very socially connected person. Not long ago, she realized that her professional life should align with her beliefs. She is always reading, listening to different people from various backgrounds, and actively trying to understand different cultures. She believes it's important to provide a listening space because it's a crucial step in learning to respect differences. Her engagement extends beyond her professional life, reaching into societal issues. She is as attentive as possible to climate issues, understanding their profound impact on current and future generations. Engaging passionately in the discourse surrounding racial differences, she advocates for the deconstruction of limiting ideas and beliefs that hinder societal progress.

Luana is not only a practitioner but also a designer and a percussion enthusiast. Her journey continues, and she envisions a future where she excels as a Relationship and Sex Coach and a Somatic Certified Sexologist, actively contributing to the field and society.

In the Bay Area, Luana Borges stands as a beacon of empowerment and self-discovery. Through her career, she empowers women on their unique journeys, making the world a better place for all. As Luana herself says, "I want to continue and excel in my career as a Relationship and Sex Coach, being able to practice as a Somatic Certified Sexologist. I want to continue to assist, share knowledge, and contribute positively to society." Her career serves as an inspiration to those seeking empowerment and self-discovery, free from societal constraints.

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