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My Journey of Ambition: Embracing Opportunities

In the expansive landscape of ambition and accomplishment, the name Bruna Santiago encapsulates a narrative that transcends the ordinary. I invite you to join me on a journey through the chapters of my life where dreams and challenges have meticulously shaped my path in the US.

In 2014, I embarked on an adventure that led me to American shores as a 20-year-old Au Pair, full of anticipation. It marked the start of a remarkable expedition fueled by unwavering determination. There were no boundaries dictated by social class or familial expectations; instead, I was empowered to blaze a trail guided by ambition and an insatiable drive for success.

Photo/Carol Delagnelo

My relentless pursuit of the American dream remained unwavering despite limitations. Rather than wealth, my unshakable belief in the formidable synergy of determination and ambition opened doors to my aspirations. The journey I embarked on as a young Au Pair would soon reveal the person I was destined to become.

My early years were a vibrant kaleidoscope of experiences, each imprinting its unique mark on the individual I've evolved into today. My involvement as a Girl Scout instilled in me the values of altruism, equipped me with crucial survival skills, and underscored the profound significance of friendship. Immersion in acting classes afforded me a comprehensive understanding of teamwork and collaboration, essential skills that would prove indispensable in my journey. Engaging in various sports and dance classes introduced me to the enchanting world of collective effort and the art of effective teamwork.

Photo/Carol Delagnelo

My unwavering dedication to education has always held a special place in my heart, propelling me into a perpetual quest for knowledge. Learning English at a tender age, I nurtured dreams of fluency. I transformed that distant dream into an everyday reality through unwavering determination and ceaseless effort.

At the core of my journey is an innate desire to connect with communities and individuals, an unceasing drive that has consistently propelled me forward. I've perpetually endeavored to be a part of something larger than myself, whether it was through my active participation in theatrical performances where I had the opportunity not only to exhibit my talents but also to embrace the spirit of collaboration within a group or through my fervent engagement in leadership roles throughout my school years. These experiences contributed profoundly to my personal development.

The decision to immigrate to a new country may have presented its unique challenges, but I swiftly recognized these obstacles as stepping stones toward personal growth. Upon completing my Au Pair program, I embarked on an exciting journey to pursue higher education in the United States, with a particular focus on Communication.

My profound affinity for connecting with people and my unwavering passion for events led me to choose Public Relations as my major. This field seamlessly aligned with my interests and allowed me to delve into the intricate world of communication. My academic journey commenced with an associate degree in Communications from Diablo Valley College. While occasional insecurities from being a non-native English speaker may have arisen, they never deterred my enthusiasm for active participation in discussions and debates. The gratification of achieving A+ grades alongside my American peers was immeasurable.

Upon graduating from DVC College, I was offered a priceless opportunity at Wix, a distinguished tech company in San Francisco. Initially, I began as a Customer Care Expert, but in three months, I was entrusted with the role of Customer Care Analyst for the Portuguese team at the San Francisco site. This rapid progression was a testament to my adept communication skills. I soon became a touchstone for customer care approaches and was responsible for evaluating whether the rest of the site adhered to these approaches, providing constructive feedback. This experience reaffirmed my chosen path, validating my capabilities and the profound satisfaction derived from making a meaningful impact in a dynamic environment.

Even after parting ways with Wix, I did not allow the momentum to wane. Instead, I continued to harness the wealth of knowledge and experience I had gained, channeling it into various projects. This included personal endeavors, along with the creation of Beez Generation and the magazine you now hold in your hands. My journey has equipped me with an array of skills through my academic pursuits and the practical experiences I ventured into, all of which contributed to my evolving marketing knowledge. Additionally, I've had the privilege of being surrounded by incredible individuals who generously shared their expertise. The opportunities that have unfolded since that juncture have been nothing short of incredible, and it is profoundly heartwarming to witness the trust and belief that many people now place in me as a competent and exceptional professional.

Photo/Bia Santiago

The years spent away from my homeland have constituted an unceasing journey of self-discovery. Each achievement, every endeavor, and every connection forged has been a significant facet in shaping the person I am today. This magazine bridges my life story, narrating tales of remarkable connections and collaborations, and my vision for nurturing even stronger bonds within the Brazilian community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As I fondly reflect upon my journey thus far, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and adventures that the future holds. My journey continues to be a testament to the boundless potential of determination, ambition, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

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